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Code of Sin

This sensational story will captivate you and leave you breathless. Don’t read before bedtime!


The sound of footsteps on the stone floor stopped. She heard a low, contemptuous-sounding laugh. A moment later, she felt a knife blade being dragged across one of her calves. “Mariella! My beautiful one! It's time ...”


In the idyllic vineyards near Stuttgart, Germany, on a hot summer day, the bestially mutilated body of a stranger is found. Slashed and disemboweled. The team around Chief inspector Lola Lindberg is shocked. When examining the conspicuous display of the mutilated body at the crime scene, forensic pathologist Hettkamp comes across a cryptic message from the perpetrator in the victim's throat, which puzzles everyone. While setting out to solve the mystery, another slaughtered victim is found on the same day, equally disfigured ...

Stuttgart's inhabitants tremble and Lola chases a phantom who loves the dramatic presentation of the dead almost as much as the killing.


Livia Pipes' thriller invites you on a journey. A journey into the darkest abyss of the human soul. Mysterious murders and eerie displays await you …


With tiny changes, "Code of Sin" is a translation of the German novel "Der Sündencode".

"Der Sündencode" ranked bestseller #13 on the Amazon Kindle chart in Germany on May 29, 2019.

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